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Every day, we use what we learned in the MBA program at the AUM College of Business to build our company, Cheeriodicals. We use what we learned to make people's lives better and to create opportunities.

Mary Martha '94 and Gary Parisher '94
Owners, Cheeriodicals
2014 Alabama Launchpad Award Winners

build the life you choose

It all began at AUM

Mary Martha moved to Montgomery from Tallahassee to attend AUM and for work. She finished her undergraduate degree at AUM before entering the MBA program. During her MBA program, Mary Martha took "Economics and the Law" from Dr. David Sollars. From that positive experience, she decided to go on to law school after completing her MBA. Gary also moved to Montgomery while working for Astra Zeneca. He knew it would be valuable to complete his masters to enhance his opportunities at his company, so he too entered the MBA program.

“We met in class,” Mary Martha said. “It’s amazing how our time at AUM has impacted every aspect of our lives. I studied business there. I met my husband there. And, it was a class I took at AUM that prompted me to go on to law school to study corporate law after finishing my MBA."

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