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What is CareerBeam?

CareerBeam is a comprehensive, 24/7, user-friendly program that helps you determine what you want in your career and offers the steps to achieve it. It is a self-paced process to help you clarify your career goals, develop a professional resume and cover letter, prepare for interviews, develop a network, and implement a strategic career search.

CareerBeam helps you tap into the hidden market of jobs and internships by providing access to investigations of over 15 million companies and 20 million industries. It also allows you to identify over 2 million international companies in more than 70 countries. CareerBeam is constantly updating companies’ information so you can have the most current knowledge available.

How do I use CareerBeam?

  1. Gives you up to ten assessments that are combined to produce a personalized career profile
  2. Provides you access to research 15 million organizations, 20 million industry contacts, in-depth industry profiles, detailed occupational intelligence, and companies in over 70 different countries.
  3. Has everything you need in one location.


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To register for CareerBeam you must use your Auburn Montgomery email address.

If you are an alumni who does not have a valid email address, please contact the Office of Student Engagement and Success at to request access.

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