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AUM’s College of Business fosters a collaborative learning environment promoting innovative, effective business practices that positively impact our stakeholders by preparing students for successful careers.


College of Business Undergraduate Advising

Academic advising assists students in realizing his/her educational goals and objectives. Advisors use their expertise to help students meet the academic requirements of the major program, the College and the University. In addition, advisors help students bridge the gap between their career choices and personal aspirations while also introducing them to the co-curriculum options available at the University.

Meet our Advising Team

322 Clement Hall
8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday
(other times by appointment)

 Joy-Strong-web Breanna-Gentry-web

 Leann-Reeves   Denise-Wade
Joy Strong
Associate Director
Breanna Gentry
Student Advisor  

Leann Reeves
Student Advisor    
Denise Wade
Administrative Associate  

Joy Strong advises the following majors:
Information Systems (to include Pre-Information Systems)

Breanna Gentry advises the following majors:
Human Resource Management (to include Pre-Human Resource Management)
International Business (to include Pre-International Business)
Management (to include Pre-Management)
Marketing (to include Pre-Marketing and Hospitality & Tourism)

Leann Reeves advises the following majors:
Accounting (to include Pre-Accounting)
General Business (to include Pre-General Business)
Finance (to include Pre-Finance)

How to schedule an advising appointment

MyAUM to AdvisorTrac to Schedule Appointment

Your Advisor Can Help You With:
 Spring and Summer/Fall advising  Having academic difficulties
 Review transfer credit  How to obtain a course substitution
 How to apply for a Grade Adjustment   
 Questions regarding transient process
 Have questions regarding the registration process  
 Change major
 Create a degree plan
 How dropping a class will affect your degree plan    
 Have questions about repeating a course
 Review  educational requirements
 Questions about majors and minors
 How to return for a second degree
 Help understanding University policies/regulations  How to drop/withdraw from a class
 How to apply for graduation/concerns about graduation    ...the list goes on!


Preparing for an Advising Session

Regular meetings with your advisor are important. You should maintain contact with your advisor throughout your academic career at Auburn University at Montgomery. Before you meet with your advisor be sure to use our Preparing for an Advising Session tip sheet.


Current students set up their advising appointments by using AdvisorTrac and track their academic progress using DegreeWorks, both of which are located on MyAUM. Prospective students can call for appointments.

Curriculum Worksheets

The Curriculum Worksheets list the university and departmental requirements for each concentration, and provide direction as you work to complete your degree at AUM.

Advising Forms

Advising Information Sheet
AdvisorTrac Instructions
Approved Non-Business Electives
How to Activate your AUM Student Account
How to Web Register
Transient Approval Form
Student Handbook

Graduation Plan

All students at AUM can benefit tremendously from contemplated academic planning, which reflects their personal and educational goals. Careful planning improves the odds you will reach your goal. Your Graduation Plan will be a living document but planning ahead will help you anticipate and respond to challenges. Your AUM journey will be comprised of elements both academic and personal be mindful to consider all the elements of your life as you develop your plan.

Advising FAQs

Questions are frequent, and question are welcomed! Do you have a question about advising?  Check out our FAQ page. 

Other Student Resources

The College of Business has put together a helpful list of "at-a-glance" links and connections to help students find the answers they need. Already checked the FAQ page and are still looking for something? Check out our Student Resources document.