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AUM’s College of Business fosters a collaborative learning environment promoting innovative, effective business practices that positively impact our stakeholders by preparing students for successful careers.


Dear Students,

“Your success is our business,” is more than just a slogan to the faculty and staff here at AUM. We sincerely want you to be successful and, to that end, are busy updating and adding new student services to benefit you. However, we need your help.

Did you know that only 50% of US students who enter college actually graduate, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education? This is a disturbing statistic, especially since college graduates will live longer, be healthier, and make more money over the course of their lifetime. The benefits of an AUM college education are far reaching.

In order to make that dream a reality, we need you to be fully engaged in the AUM experience. We need you to:
1.              Utilize Degree Works

2.              Register with Warhawk Jobs, CareerBeam and CareerShift

3.              Utilize the services provided by the College of Business, Office of Student Engagement & Success, and the University.

4.              Participate in College of Business student activities

We know your schedules are already jam packed, but this is important. Each of these services will help you to maximize the full value of your AUM education and move you closer to that coveted college degree. If you have any questions, or need help, contact the Office of Student Engagement & Success at or 334-244-3479.

In closing, we just want to know one thing - RU Handlin’ Business?


The Office of Student Engagement and Success

College of Business Student Blog

  • Check out our new curriculum!

    by User Not Found | Sep 01, 2016
    Learn about our new curriculum by watching this recap of The Rap (an event we hosted for all students Jan. 23, 2015, where we unveiled the new curriculum and students discovered what it means for them).
  • Less is more

    by User Not Found | Jan 08, 2015

    Here's a pro-tip, don't overdo your schedule. Sounds simple enough, right? Even still I find myself getting way over booked by getting involved in a lot of programs and on top of work and my regular class schedule. The sad bit is that I find myself getting overwhelmed on a weekly basis, and I swear that I'll stop over extending myself. Of course, I will still end up doing it all again then panic because I don't think I can manage it all. The important thing to remember for me is that it should all pay off in the end. Getting involved seems like too much to handle, but when you sit down for that job interview and your perspective employer asks about you college experience, you'll want to tell them about all you were able to accomplish in school. This is, at least, what I remind myself whenever I get upset over how busy I am staying during school and outside of school. The key is to find a balance to strike between being busy and having free time, a balance which I have yet to find. Fortunately for me at AUM, I can talk to plenty of professors or fellow students about any problems I am having while juggling life.

    By Corey Harris

  • Broadening my horizons by studying abroad

    by User Not Found | Jan 08, 2015
    So today I went to the study abroad fair on campus with the intent of [pardon the pun] broadening my horizons. The event was planned out very well, but each of the trips seemed too exclusive for business majors like me. You had to be a biology major, or an English major, or anything along those lines. On top of that, you have to be a part of the honors program which I am not a part of. I felt a little bit discouraged because I want to travel, especially considering I'm an international business major, but there weren't any options for me. However, I when I went to see the Associate Dean later that day, I mentioned my predicament and she brought to my attention that one of the professors in the College of Business is working on getting a trip to Japan together for business majors. That was very good news to me which shows me that the College of a Business is very aware of its student's needs. It’s a very good reminder of why I’m in the College of Business. Most of the professors here are very open to student suggests and will work to make these suggestions happen.

    By Corey Harris
  • The Windy City

    by User Not Found | Jan 08, 2015
    One of the best opportunities I have had at AUM was going to Chicago to financial district with the Economics club. At the financial district we were able to walk the floor at the CME Group and see all the stock and futures trading taking place. We also got a tour of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Federal Reserve. We even got to meet the President of the Chicago Federal Reserve which is a huge deal because he is one of the most influential people in terms of US monetary policy, like interest rates. It's just amazing that he took the time out of his schedule to meet with a few college students from Montgomery, Alabama. He didn’t even get upset when the professor who planned the trip debated with him a bit on things like whether interest rates should be negative. As a matter of fact, he actually appreciated seeing how interested we were in his work. The trip was all around very fun and I made friends with the group that I went with. These are the opportunities that really make your college experience a memorable one. I can honestly say that up until going on that trip, that I was still on the fence as to whether or not I should still be a business major. Being in that environment on the trip really sealed the deal for me.

    By Corey Harris
  • Friday are free!

    by User Not Found | Jan 08, 2015
    Kind of an odd benefit of going to AUM that you think about when enrolling is the layout of class scheduling. AUM operates on a Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday class schedule. What this means is that when you have a Monday holiday like Labor Day or Martin Luther King Jr. Day, you get Monday and Tuesday off! It sounds like a nice little perk especially if you make a habit of keeping yourself busy 24-7; having those two days off means that you get a nice breather right at the beginning of the school semester. You can use that time to catch up on school work or better yet, spend time with you friends and family. Also, that class schedule layout means no class on Friday! That's right, your Fridays are free. Your Fridays being free means that you can now get the extra hours at work, or go to that party, or meet up with some of your friends who you haven’t seen in a while—maybe do all three? This is obviously not the reason I chose AUM, but I can tell you it certainly a nice benefit of my decision.

    By Corey Harris
  • Full-time - all the time!

    by User Not Found | Oct 14, 2014
    Oct. 3, 2014 - Many of you, as myself, are full-time students and maintain a full-time job. The College of Business has a great class schedule which includes a large array of evening and night classes, but the university as a whole is lacking, especially in the English department. Most students try to get pre-requisite courses out of the way their first & second year, which was the case for me too. But, there was one class I could never schedule in the evening, I’m not sure what it is about the class and why it isn’t offered later during the day. The class I struggled schedule was Survey of English Lit 2. This semester, I thought I lucked out and found a section that started at 3:35. Only to be let down once again, the section was cancelled due to low enrollment. This forced me to schedule the class right slab in the middle of the day from 12:45-2:00. Luckily, I am fortunate enough to have a job which lets me work around my school schedule, but many students don’t have this option. One of my classmates is also struggling with this problem. He is set to graduate next semester but they are only offering a Survey of Lit class in the morning or during the day. I feel the English department should take into consideration the large number of students that are employed and offer class to better suit our needs. 
    By Angel Lopez